Logistics 4.0 Laboratory

Logistics 4.0 Laboratory – Logistics of the Future

The lab has been established at the end of 2018 to support the research activities the Production Management Group is carrying on in several projects at national and international levels. It will enable replication of real-life operations and material handling activities in production systems - including:

  • several assembly workstations;
  • small storage area;
  • material handling systems (carts, trolley etc…);
  • material management support systems (kanban, visual boards).


They will be integrated with advanced technologies such as:

  • Advanced simulation software for production and logistics systems;
  • Indoor positioning systems;
  • Motion capture systems;
  • Augmented and Immersive Reality;
  • Visual interactive boards;
  • Real time control.


In 2019, the LOG4.0 lab will be extended with:

  • Collaborative Robots in manual workplace;
  • Mobile Robots in warehousing;
  • Smart material handling systems;
  • New augmented reality technologies;
  • Assistive devices and tools for smart operator and smart engineers/managers;
  • New technologies for the digitalization of production and logistics systems;
  • Innovative monitoring technologies for reliability and maintainability of production systems

Logistics 4.0 lab