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Career Opportunities

Master's degree programme - Industrial Engineer

Master's degree programme - Mechanical Engineer

Laboratories at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Experimental research, education and practice is a vital part of the department's strategy. We have virtual laboratories for product development and physical laboratories for manufacturing and testing. All the laboratories at MTP are listed below:

Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing

Laboratory for Automatic Machining/CNC

Corrosion Laboratory

Mechatronics Laboratory - Valgrinda

Mechatronics Laboratory - Gløshaugen

Metallurgy Laboratory

Measurements Laboratory

Nanomechanical Testing Laboratory

Laboratory for Polymers and Composite Materials

RAMS Laboratory

Rapid prototyping laboratory

Realization Laboratory

Robot Laboratory

Tribology Laboratory


Fatigue, Fracture and Mechanical Characterization Laboratory

Logistics 4.0 Laboratory - Logistics for the Future