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Realization Laboratory

The Realization lab is used for student activities and research activities. Here, 1st-year PuP students are taught to use lathe machines, mill machines and welding machines as preparation for the project during the second year of study where they will build their own bikes.

The lab contains machines and equipment for working with all kinds of metals, wood and polymers. Students make up the largest part of users in the lab, but there are also CNC operated machines for research purposes.

The most common tasks performed here are sawing, grinding, welding, drilling, milling, turning and tempering.

Work in the Realization Lab

The laboratory has the following equipment:

  • Sawing machines, for cutting different materials, from wood and plastic materials to hardened steel
  • Grinders, both handheld and stationary
  • Welders, including MIG/MAG, TIG, shielded metal arc, oxyacetylene torches and plasma cutters
  • Drills and drill presses
  • Mills, 4 manual mills, a large CNC mill and a small one for smaller operations
  • Lathes, 4 different sized lathes with a substantial tool collection
  • Furnaces and ovens for heat-treatment of steel
17 Feb 2017