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Mechatronics Laboratory - Gløshaugen

The Mechatronics lab is a student lab used mail for the course TMM4150 Machine Design and Mechatronics; during the course the students conduct practical work in the lab as part of their design project.

Mechatronics is about the interaction of mechanics, electronics and computer engineering and the focus lies in development of new products and improve existing ones.

The lab has the necessary tools and equipment for work with pneumatics, PLC, electronics and programming for electronic control.

Work in the Mechatronics Lab at Gløshaugen

The laboratory has the following equipment:

  • Soldering equipment
  • Arduino
  • Minor components as LEDs, transistors, ICs etc.
  • Stepper motors and DC motors
  • Lego and other types of mechanical kits
  • Tools and different types of gauges
17 Feb 2017