Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Lab

Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

The Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Laboratory is a well-equipped facility that enables stuendts and researchers to conduct investigations in advanced 3D printing technologies and materials. The lab houses a variety of material extrusion 3D printers capable of processing high-performance polymers, including those reinforced with fibers such as carbon fiber, allowing for the fabrication of parts with enhanced mechanical properties and durability.

The laboratory supports research in several key areas:

  • High-performance polymers: The lab provides the necessary tools and expertise to develop, characterize, and process advanced polymer composites specifically tailored for additive manufacturing. Researchers can investigate the incorporation of reinforcing fibers to create materials with improved strength, stiffness, and thermal stability.
  • Multimaterial printing: The facility enables researchers to explore the possibilities of multimaterial 3D printing, facilitating the creation of structures with varying material properties within a single part. This allows for the investigation of functional grading and optimized design.
  • Metal-polymer composite filaments: The laboratory is equipped to support research into metal-polymer composite filaments, such as 316 stainless steel, enabling the creation of hybrid parts that combine the properties of both metal and polymer materials. This allows for the study of unique combinations of strength, conductivity, and lightweight construction.
  • Recycling and reuse of carbon fiber reinforced polymers: The lab provides the necessary infrastructure for students and researchers to develop processes for recycling and reusing carbon fiber reinforced polymer waste, contributing to sustainability efforts and the investigation of a circular economy for these high-value materials.

The Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Laboratory is dedicated to facilitating research in the field of additive manufacturing. By providing access to advanced equipment and fostering collaborations with industry partners, the lab supports the advancement of 3D printing technology and the training of researchers and students in this field.

Laboratory equipment

Material extrusion printers

  • 2 x Formbot Troodon CoreXY
  • Creality K1 Max
  • Creabot F430 

Polymer recycling and extrusion

  • 3devo Filament Maker Composer
  • 3devo GP20 Plastic Shredder Hybrid




Christer Westum Elverum
Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Education


Room manager

Kristian Linderud Sandmo