Background and activities

Educated in Pavia, Italy (MA, 2004) and Groningen, the Netherlands (PhD, 2009). 'Max Weber' postdoctoral fellow (2011-13) and senior researcher (2013-15) at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. 

Leader of Work Package 3 «Strategies and policies of university top-level government» in the project «GENDIM – Understanding gender imbalance among university professors». GENDIM is part of the NORDICORE network.

Researcher in the project «Risk in the information society: Towards epistemic justice» (EpiJustInf, NFR SAMRISK). 

Member of ELSA Norway, the network of ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of science and technology) and RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) researchers in Norway, and of the Norwegian Association for Women's Rights.

Teaching (incl. classroom and digital; incl. course leadership):

  • KULT2207 and KULT2208 Gender and Norwegian culture: Paradoxes of equality 1 and 2
  • KULT2201 Digitalisation and social change (module: gender/race bias in machine learning)
  • KULT2206 Perspectives on gender 2

In the media: Kifinfo – ForskerforumNTNU HumSam – Universitetsavisa

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Moratti, Sofia. (2015) Fertility control. Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics.
  • Moratti, Sofia. (2014) Schmitz, il progressista borghese. Lo Svevo politico [Schmitz, the progressive bourgeois. Svevo's political writings]. Italo Svevo and His Legacy for the Third Millennium - Volume II: Contexts and Influences.
  • Moratti, Sofia; Vezzoni, Cristiano. (2012) Treatment Directives in the Netherlands: The Gap between Legal Regulation and Medical Practice. Self-Determination, Dignity and End-of-Life Care: Regulating Advance Directives in International and Comparative Perspective.
  • Moratti, Sofia. (2008) End-of-life decisions in Italy. Euthanasia and Law in Europe.