Background and activities

Stig Arve Sæther is a associate professor in sport science. His main research interests include; talent development, youth sport and sport psychology. Sæther has published close to forty articles in international journals and three books. His largest research project is a longitudinal 10 year follow-up on a age-cohorte of youth national football players from 2005-2015, and ended with the book De norske fotballtalentene (2017) based on this project. Sæther is head of the research group: Skill and Performance Development in Sport and School, Deputy head of education at the Department of Sociology and Political science and head of staff in sport science.
Board of editors: Cogent social sciences (Taylor & Francis Online)

Research projects: 


Describing and developing the Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete
Dual Career Development Environments
Fotball og talent
Fri på Vandet: A lifestyle intervention for people with stress, anxiety, or depression
The Influence of Culture and Power Relations on International Sport Policy
Mapping the field of sport psychology in Scandinavia
Modernising sport psychology in English football
Ecology of Athlete Development
Coaching og prestasjonsutvikling i talentutviklingsmiljø
The Female Athlete

Prevoius projects:
Football academies 
* Road to the top


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