Background and activities

Stig Arve Sæther is a associate professor in sport science. His main research interests include; talent development, youth sport and sport psychology. Sæther has published close to 30 articles in international journals and three books. His largest research project is a longitudinal 10 year follow-up on a age-cohorte of youth national football players from 2005-2015. His latest book De norske fotballtalentene (2017) is based on this project. Sæther is head of the research group: Skill and Performance Development in Sport and School.
Board of editors: Cogent social sciences (Taylor & Francis Online)

Research projects: 

Football and Talent
Ecology of Athlete Development
Coaching and Performance Development in talent development environments
Describing and Developing the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete 
The Female Athlete

Prevoius projects:
Football academies 
* Road to the top





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