Energy laboratories for the future

Three celebrations in one

NTNU, in cooperation with SINTEF, will celebrate three events on 12 June 2017:

  • The inauguration of ECCSEL ERIC – European Research Infrastructure Consortium. We will celebrate the launch of the company that will manage and develop the pan-European carbon dioxide capture and storage laboratory infrastructure ECCSEL.
  • Opening of the new Thermal Energy laboratories (Varmetekniske laboratorier), which have been rebuilt and modernized in connection with ECCSEL. NOK 100 million was allocated for this modernization from Norway’s National Budget in 2014, and the appropriations to ECCSEL since 2008 total NOK 300 million.
  • The 100-year jubilee of the Waterpower Laboratory at NTNU. This laboratory has been given credit for the development of the Norwegian turbine industry. The building houses both the Norwegian Hydropower Centre and HydroCen (Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology), which represent major commitments in hydropower technology both in and outside Norway.

Date: 12 June 2017
Location: NTNU Trondheim

The whole programme will take place in English, except for a parallell session about the 100-year jubilee.

The event is at no cost for the participants, and by invitation only due to space restrictions.

Important dates

Important dates

12 June: Energy laboratories for the future

(12-14 June: Trondheim TCCS Conference)



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