Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Waterpower Laboratory

The Waterpower Laboratory at NTNU combines 100 years of experience with state-of-the-art facilities, and include test rigs for Francis, Pelton and pump turbines. 

Highlighted research projects


Francis - 99 is a series of three workshops, which provides an open access of the complete design and data of a model Francis turbine. It provides an open platform to the hydropower researchers and it gives the possibility to explore their capabilities and enhance their skills.


HiFrancis is an industrial research project, where the focus is basic and applied research within hydraulic turbine. Research questions are: How do the pressure waves originating from the rotor-stator interaction propagate in the turbine? What is the best practice guideline to produce credible numerical results? What is the relation between damping and the flow velocity in the turbine?

Turbines and Generators

Turbines and Generators (part of FME HydroCen) aims to develop the future generation of hydraulic turbines. The turbines will enable flexible power generation through variable-speed operation. Fatigue loading and related damage during the transient operating conditions such as, load variation and start-stop will be reduced.