Norwegian Hydropower Centre


Norwegian Hydropower Centre (Norwegian abbreviation NVKS) is a national centre which aims to ensure and develop research and education in hydropower related technology. The centre is a cooperation between universities, various research institutions, the hydropower industry as well as Norwegian authorities. The centre's headquarters are located at NTNU in Trondheim.

In the period 2017 - 2024 the activities within NVKS will be carried out in HydroCen - Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology. HydroCen one of the centres in the Research Council's scheme for Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME).

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Third Francis-99 workshop

MAY 28-29, 2019 - Third Francis-99 workshop is the continuation of previous two workshops. The workshop will focus on FSI analysis under steady state operating conditions. Unlike the previous two workshops, the present workshop includes additional (simplified) test case of hydrofoil that allows simplified study of FSI to understand the mechanics behind the fluid structure coupling. Check out the programme