The main objective of the MonitorX project is the development of a model and accompanying software prototype for optimal lifespan exploitation of the various components of a hydropower plant. The project is based on the idea that an integration of advanced systems for condition monitoring with classical methods for maintenance and reinvestment analysis will yield a better model that will provide an optimal usage pattern for components in a hydropower plant. The MonitorX project is directed towards subject areas prioritized in the new Energi21 strategy (2014). 

Systems for advanced condition monitoring that utilizes data from the integrated control system (SCADA) and from different sensors, is not being widely used to identify trends for technical degradation. As such, decision makers regarding maintenance and reinvestments are not provided the best possible picture. The proposed integration of such systems with models and tools for maintenance and reinvestment planning developed in previous projects, will results in a new model (MonitorX) that will yield a better and more nuanced decision data foundation, than if the models were used separately. 


MonitorX Flowchart


With MonitorX, plant and system owners will achieve optimal lifespan exploitation as the system will continuously monitor the need for maintenance and reinvestment. This will allow the owners to cut costs through reduced likelihood of component and system failure, optimized use of equipment, improved risk management, as well as the optimized use of financial resources, work hours and consumables.  

The most central R&D-challenges facing MonitorX is associated with the lack of knowledge and models regarding the usage of advanced condition monitoring for lifespan modelling, risk management and maintenance planning. 



Thomas Welte