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Writing a master thesis

The master thesis is usually a continuance from the students Project work from the previous semester. If the student want to change topic/supervisor it is up to the student to contact a new supervisor at the department. 

The process:

1. Student and supervisor should discuss a head of time the content of the master thesis. 

2. The supervisor will make a thesis description that is signed by the Head of Department and the supervisor.  

3. The student goes to the Department office to get the singed thesis description. The description i used to register his/her master contract in a web based system called Daim.

4. The student print out the master contract from Daim, gets a signature from the supervisor and sign it him/herself and then deliver it at the department office. The student will not be able to deliver his/her master thesis if this contract is not delivered. 

5. A standard collaboration agreement between NTNU and the company has to be signed if the thesis is written in collaboration with a company. 

6. The student delivers the master thesis electronically through the Daim-System. The thesis will go straight to the printing office and be delivered at the department office 2-3 days later. The student can collect 1 free copy of the thesis at the department office. If the student wants to have more copies, he/she has to order this him/herself at the printers office. 

Extension of delivering the master thesis:

The student needs a good reason for getting a delivering extension of the master thesis. Good reason might be: problems with equipment, computer systems or health issues (provide a doctor sertificate).

Please send the application as early as possible. 

Even if the extension is just for 1 day, or 4 weeks, the student needs to send an application (there is no standard template to use for this) to the Faculty (usually the IVT-faculty - depends on which study programme the students belongs). The supervisor should agree and verify the application. The student will receive the answer through post mail from the Faculty when the application has been processed. 

If the application is granted, a new deadline will appear in Daim. 

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Borrow hard copies

The Department has hard copies of most of the master theses and project work. Please visit the Department office if you want to borrow any. 

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