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Project work

The second year of a Master's program is devoted to specialization through project and Master's thesis. This is an important and very rewarding part of the education, where students are working in close relation with the scientific personnel at the department. The specialization includes project and theory in the 3rd semester and Master's thesis in the 4th semester. It is common, but not required, to work with the same topic in the specialization project and the Master's thesis.

The specialization in the 3rd semester is divided between two courses: One project course at 15 ECTS credits and one specialization course at 7.5 ECTS credits. The specialization course will contain two specialization themes at 3.75 ECTS credits each. The students will select two themes from the list of themes offered by the department. 

Important deadlines:

1 March

Deadline for students and external companies to deliver project proposals. 

18 March

Project proposals are published on the web

15 April

Deadline to apply for a project. The student register five (5) projects ranked by priority.  

4 May

Assigned projects are published online 

31 May

Deadline for choice of specialization course + non-technical courses. Students make course selections via Stud Web.

15 June

Deadline for selection of themes in specialization course online.

15 September

Deadline for changing theme courses ( 2 x 3,75 ECTS)

18 December

Deadline for submission of the project (last day of the semester)


The processes for projects and themes are coordinated for all students at the Department of Electric Power Engineering and the Department of Energy- and Process Engineering. This means that the process will serve all students from the following list of programs/program options:

  • Energy and the Environment, all program options (5-year)
  • International Master's Program Electric Power Engineering (2-year)
  • Master's Program Energy Use and Energy Planning (2-year)
  • Mechanical Engineering, program option Energy, Process and Flow Eng. (5-year)
  • Mechanical Engineering, program option Energy, Process and Flow Eng. (2-year)
  • Engineering and ICT, program option Product Development and Process Engineering, main profile 2: Heat and Flow Engineering (5-year)
  • International Master's Program Natural Gas Technology (2-year)

The process, a step-by-step guide for the student:

1. If you would like to propose a specific topic for project work           

Students and/or industry who would like to propose projects may do so by contacting a relevant professor no later than March 1st. Contact must be established by this date, but there is no requirement to have a completed project description. We will stress that it is the responsibility of the each professor to generate the number of project proposals that he or she is assigned within the research group, including proposals generated by students or industry. This means that students have no responsibility for generating project proposals.

Projects proposals by students or industry must be formulated in cooperation with, and accepted by a professor to be included on the project list. There are many more project proposals than what is needed. Hence, there is no guarantee that a proposal will be accepted. If a project proposal is accepted, it is possible to reserve the project for the student.

In the period between March 1st and March 22nd, the professors will select their final portfolio of projects to offer.

2. The list of projects is published on the web 

For each project, there will be a link to further information about the project.

3. The students apply for projects 

Each student applies for three projects with priority. Application deadline is 17 April. There is no "first come – first serve" principle, only the deadline. Our aim is that all students should be allocated one of the three projects they have applied for. It is therefore important that students consider all three projects carefully.

4. Allocating projects to each student 

The aim is to have the final allocation of projects to each student completed and published on the web by 30 April. If we are not able to allocate the projects so that each student gets one of the three projects they have applied for, the course coordinator may contact the involved students with the aim of finding a solution. It is recommended that students try to solve these cases of crossing interests. As an alternative, grades may be used as a criterion.

5. Select project course and specialization course 

After having been allocated a project, the next step is to update the information on StudWeb.

Before 31 May you must:

  • Select project course
  • Select specialization course 

6. Selection of themes in the specialization course

The specialization course contains two themes at 3.75 ECTS credits each. Deadline for selecting the themes is expected to be 15 June. As with ordinary courses, it is possible to change themes until 15 September. Read more about choosing specialization course & project. 



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