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Thermo fluids

Our research group focuses on both fundamental and applied research in the general areas of thermal energy and fluid mechanics.


Our research activity is organised around research projects. Currently we contribute to the following projects:

EU projects:

  • ANNULIGht: an Innovative Training Network (ITN) on instabilities, ignition and blow-off in annular gas turbine combustors. It is funded by the European Commission under Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (2017-2022) | James Dawson
  • ECCSEL INFRADEV-3 - Implemententation and initial operation of ECCSEL (European Carbon Dioxide Capture and StoragE Laboratory Infrastructure). Provision of Transnational Access to ECCSEL, the European Research Infrastructure (RI) for CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS) technologies research. | Sverre Quale
  • ERC Starting grant: TAIAC Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities (2016-2021) | Nicholas Worth
  • HiSTORIC project (2018-2020) | Carlos Dorao
  • Marinet2 - Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network for Emerging Energy Technologies (2017-2021) | Lars Roar Sætran

Current Norwegian research projects from the Research Council of Norway (NFR) and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation:

  • ABC4Soil project (2018-2021) | Terese Løvås
  • ANSYS project (2018-2019) | Terese Løvås
  • BIGH2 project (2018-2021) | Terese Løvås / James Dawson
  • Boiling of multicomponent mixtures in confined geometries (2013-2019) | Maria Fernandino
  • Casimir effect and van der Waals forces in multilayer systems (2016-2019) | Iver H. Brevik
  • DiHI-Tech project (2018-2020) | Jason Hearst
  • ECCSEL PP2 - ECCSEL Norway CCS RI Phase 2 - The Norwegian node of ECCSEL (FORINFRA) | Sverre Quale
  • Fundamental study of hydronamics and mass transfer in annular-mist flow (FRINATEK)  (2014-2018) | Carlos Dorao
  • GAFT project (2016-2019) | Terese Løvås
  • GASPRO - Research project GASPRO Fundamental insight into biomass gasification using experiments and mathematical modelling (ENERGIX) (2017-2022) | Terese Løvås
  • GrateCFD project (2017-2020) | Terese Løvås
  • HYCAP - Hydrogen Use in CO2 Capture Technologies (2015-2018) | Terese Løvås
  • ICR - Internally Circulating Reactor | Shahriar Amini
  • Identifying the dominant hea transfer mechanism during two-phase flow (FRINATEK) (2018-2022) | Carlos Dorao
  • NON-DISR SLUG (2018-2021) | Jason Hearst
  • NorBioLab II Infrastruktur project (2018-2027) | Terese Løvås
  • OxyFun - Fundamentals of Pressurized Oxy-fuel Combustion for Natural Gas Semi-Closed Combined Cycles (CLIMIT) (2017-2020) | Ivar Ertesvåg
  • Particle transport and clustering in stratified turbulent flows (FRINATEK) (2014-2018) | Helge Andersson
  • Predict project (2016-2018) | Bernhard Müller
  • SARC - Swing Adsorption Reactor Cluster (2017-2020) | Shahriar Amini
  • SPRAYICE - Characterization of Wave Impact Spray Generation for Better Prediction of Marine Icing on Structures (2015-2019) | James Dawson
  • Turbulence-plankton interactions. A mechanistic approach.(2016-2020) | Helge Andersson
  • Unravelling the mechanisms controlling droplet growth dynamics during condensation on micro-patterned surfaces (FRIPRO toppforsk) (2018-2023) | Maria Fernandino
  • WallMix - Near-wall mixing by free-stream turbulence (2019-2022) | Jason Hearst
  • Water waves interacting with arbitrary shear currents in 3D (FRINATEK) (2016-2019) | Simen A. Ådnøy Ellingsen

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Casimir Summer Workshop

Was held at NTNU June 11-16, 2018. See the programme

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Main research collaborators:


Photo: James DawsonProfessor James Dawson, Head of research group

Maria FernandinoProfessor Maria Fernandino, Deputy Head of research group

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Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series

We are happy to host world-leading experts as part of the Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series. 

  • External guests are invited monthly to discuss their research and meet the faculty.  
  • The seminars cover a wide array of topics in fluid mechanics. 
  • All students, visitors and members of staff are welcome to attend.

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