MIT FabLab

A FabLab is a platform for learning and innovation: a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent. To be a FabLab means connecting to a global community of learners, educators, technologists,researchers, makers and innovators - a knowledge sharing network that spans 600+ labs and 24 time zones.

Main objective

The FabLab NTNU offers a blend of unique technology solutions in order to stimulate learning through the innovative life cycle utilizing new digital fabrication tools and techniques. The FabLab NTNU is available to NTNU students, faculty, staff and community.

We currently have available the standard equipment required by FabFoundation to establish a FabLab, such as:

  • 3D printer FDM
  • Desktop Mill
  • 3D Printer SLA
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Laser Cutter
  • Arduino Compatible kits
  • Plotter

Plus, one can book the machines from the other labs, at the FabLab ++.

The FabLab is located at room 101 in the laboratory building at NTNU in Ålesund.

Using the FabLab

The building is open on working hours, but to be sure that you find someone qualified to assist you, we recommend that you contact one of our staff. See the six key rules for using the FabLab.
To sucessfully use the FabLab, these common sense steps are proposed:
  • Decide what you want: for instance, to turn into reality anything from your university project or based on your own idea; to receive some assistance with equipment / software provided in the FabLab; to learn how to use a machine and so on.
  • Contact one of our staff member, either by e-mail or personally in the FabLab building
  • Agree on a convenient time for both parties, and be precise with your requirements/expectations
  • Provide the raw material for your case - we can help when related to one of the machines, for instance which certified material can be used in each of them 
  • Be on time and be prepared for the frustration of failures and joy of small accomplishments - remember that making and prototyping is a VERY iterative process, with lots of fails, trials and errors. Do not come in last minute expecting a magic 3D printing, it will not happen.

FabLab ++

FabLab ++ is the possibility that user of the FabLab have to access machines from other labs located at the same building, such as plastic lab, mechatronics lab, industrial lab. Such machines are usually larger and require extensive training to achieve quality and safety. If you want to use any of these machines, please contact one of our staff.

A list of the machines found at FabLab ++ located at the NTNU in Ålesund is available.

Fab Lab Foundation

FabLab NTNU is connected to a larger network of fablabs, managed by the FabFoundation. The Fab Foundation is a organization that emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms Fab Lab Program. This foundation provides access to the tools, the knowledge and the financial means to educate, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make (almost) anything, and thereby creating opportunities to improve lives and livelihoods around the world. Community organizations, educational institutions and non-profit concerns are our primary beneficiaries.