Information for exchange students at the Department of Geography

– Autumn 2018 & spring 2019


The Department of Geography offer courses at bachelor (2000-level) and master level (3000-level) where the lectures, syllabus and exams are entirely taught in English.

Some of the courses have admission restrictions. Make sure that you have the qualifications before you apply for the different courses.

The Office of international relations at NTNU has a great FAQ page for exchange students and free movers.

 FAQ - Exchange Studies

Below you find an overview of the different courses that we recommend you take as a package, but you are free choose courses between the different groups and from other departments at NTNU.


Autumn semester 2018 (August to December):


Group 1

GEOG2002 - North/South Relations 7.5 credits

GEOG3030 - Natural Resources Management 7.5 credits

GEOG3053 - Discourses of Development and Globalization 7.5 credits

GEOG3518 - Global Production Networks 7.5 credits


Group 2

GEOG2007 - Effects of Climate Change 7.5 credits

GEOG3526 - GIS: Geographical Information systems 7.5 credits

GEOG3030 - Natural Resources Management 7.5 credits

GEOG3525 - Landscape, Planning and Management 7.5 credits


Group 3 

GEOG2004 - Mass Movements and Fluvial Processes 15 credits

GEOG2012 – Field Course in Physical Geography 7.5 credits

GEOG3514 - Slope Systems 7.5 credits


Single courses

GEOG3005 – Qualitative Methods 7.5 credits

GEOG3006 – Quantitative Methods 7.5 credits


Spring 2019 (January - June): 


Group 1

GEOG3506 - Geography, Health and Development 7.5 credits

GEOG3517 - Social Difference, Identity and Place 7.5 credits

GEOG3101 - Innovation and Regional Development 7.5 credits

GEOG3522 – Migration and Development 7.5 credits


Single courses

GEOG2003 - Glaciers and Glacial Landscapes 7.5 credits

GEOG3527 - GIS Tools for Climate Change Studies 7.5 credits

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