PhD candidates form a crucial part of the Centre. To keep a strong focus on the progress, interaction and well-being of the PhD candidates, a Researcher program is established.

Regardless of where the candidates are in their education, we find it very useful to meet and share experiences. The Centre will arrange annual PhD gatherings where also supervisors and Post docs are invited. The gatherings are essential for realizing the potential for added value that lies within the centre, being fertile grounds for cooperation across disciplines and workgroups.

The activity within the researcher program is skill oriented (presentation training, publication training); social (with PhD-gatherings and seminars), and network oriented (ambitioning to include partners into research activity through the work of the PhDs). The program will include both candidates working in projects directly organized under the Centre and in associated projects. There will be 3- 5 meeting/workshops/seminars during each semester. 

News about the activities within the Researcher program will be posted on the webpage.
If you are already enrolled as a PhD-candidate or ambitioning to be so, or if you want to be included on the invitation lists, please feel free to contact researcher Jardar Lohne.

PhD positions are announced regularly under and other medias.

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