Welcome to the International Symposium on Hydrogen Embrittlement in Nickel-based Superalloys (HEiNS)


Under the framework of the research project “Multiscale Hydrogen Embrittlement Assessment for Subsea Conditions (M-HEAT)” financed by the Research Council of Norway and industrial partners, an International Symposium on hydrogen embrittlement in nickel-based superalloys will be held at Trondheim, Norway, 5-6 December 2022. Invited internationally renowned experts together with scientists in the M-HEAT project will present their latest results and discuss the state-of-the-art and future perspectives in all aspects of hydrogen embrittlement in nickel-based superalloys, including hydrogen diffusion and uptake, embrittlement mechanisms, critical hydrogen concentration, testing methods as well as mechanism-based predictive models for life extension and safe design.


Prof. Zhiliang Zhang, NTNU

Prof. Roy Johnsen, NTNU

Dr. Hans Husby, Equinor

Prof. Jianying He, NTNU