Faculty of Humanities

PhD studies

The Faculty of Humanities offers several PhD programmes and participates in the Norwegian Fellowship Programme for Artistic Research

A PhD is a three year postgraduate education for people aiming for a career in higher education, research or other sectors requiring a high-level of academic expertise. The fellowship programme in artistic research is at the same level as academic PhD programmes and confers competence equal to associate professor based on artistic qualifications. 

The Faculty of Humanities also awards the degree of dr.philos.

Fellowship program for artistic development work

The Fellowship Program in Artistic Research is an opportunity for graduates who have completed the highest level of art education in their field, to complete an artistic research project at the doctoral level. It is a three-year full time program.

At the Faculty of Humanities, the Department of Music participates in the program. For more information, see the Fellowship Program in Artistic Research's own web pages or the Department of Music.