Doctoral education (PhD)


If you are interested in completing a doctorate, but are unable to take part in an organized PhD-programme, you may still hand in a thesis to be evaluated for the degree of dr.philos.

The dr.philos.-degree is considered equal to a PhD in terms of academic standard and quality and the same requirements concerning research qualifications.

Dr.philos. is a completely independent study where you are not entitled to supervision, organized academic training, a work place or other assistance from the university. Writing a dr.philos.-thesis is usually completed on your own time and you only get in touch with NTNU once the thesis is finished and ready to be handed in.

Doctoral promotion 16 November 2018

All Norwegian and Nordic citizens who have passed a higher degree examination may apply to have their thesis evaluated for the degree of dr.philos. If you are not a Norwegian nor a Nordic citizen, the relevant academic department or unit must send a recommendation to the Faculty detailing why the thesis should be evaluated here.

As there is no organized research training programme, the scope of the preparatory work and the thesis itself is expected to be more extensive than the organized doctoral degree. The evaluation committee gives special consideration to whether the thesis is an independent and comprehensive piece of work of high academic standard with regard to the formulation of research questions, methodological, theoretical and empirical bases, documentation, treatment of the literature and form of presentation.

Application for evaluation

An application for having your work evaluated for the degree of dr.philos. should be handed in to the appropriate faculty along with five copies of your thesis, bound or stitched. In addition, you must enclose certified copies of examinations and degree certificates. If you are in doubt as to which faculty should evaluate the thesis, the application may be addressed to the Rector. We recommend that you get in touch with the relevant department or research group prior to handing in your application.

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