Doctoral Awards Ceremony

Doctoral Education (PhD)

Doctoral Awards Ceremony

Date: 27 November 2020

Due to the corona situation, the original physical attendance ceremony for doctors and guests will be replaced with a digital doctoral graduation ceremony.

You will receive an invitation to the digital ceremony, and the diplomas will be sent out during November.

This applies to you who were supposed to have a doctoral degree on 20 March and 20 November 2020


Doctoral Awards Ceremony 14 November 2019

for 201 Doctors who have completed their degrees between 1 January and 30 June 2019

– whom 110 were present at the ceremony in the Aula, the Main Building

Photos from the Doctoral Awards Ceremony 14 November 2019 (Flickr)
Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU

Acting Rector Anne Borg’s speech at the ceremony 14. November (pdf)

A recording of the Doctoral Awards Ceremony 14 November 2019


Doctoral Awards Ceremony 13 November 2019

for 193 Doctors who have completed their degrees between 1 July and 31 December 2018

– whom 80 were present at the ceremony in the Aula, the Main Building

Photos from the Doctoral Awards Ceremony 13 November 2019 (Flickr)
Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU

Acting Rector Anne Borg’s speech at the ceremony 13 November (pdf)

A recording of the Doctoral Awards Ceremony 13 November 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, participation in the Doctoral Awards Ceremony and the party afterwards is free of charge.
  • It is NTNU's way of thanking those of you who have completed the university's highest education.
  • It is also free for your guests.
  • The ceremony is a complicated procedure with a coordinated entry procession, dedicated seating and a specific system for distributing of diplomas and photography.
  • Our experience is that those who have participated in the rehearsal are more able to enjoy the ceremony.
  • Those who have participated in the rehearsal experience less stress during the ceremony, because they know what is happening.
  • You will receive invitation and online registration where you can register as many as two guests.
  • Let us know about this when you register, you will find a dedicated field for additional comments.
  • We will help your guest and reserve a place in the aula for him/her.
  • All your guests are welcome, and we appreciate that the youngest children and a parent is seated close to an exit. This will allow you to take them outside if they become tired or start crying during the ceremony.
  • We have a dedicated room on the second floor where one of our employees is ready to help you. Here you can change nappies or breastfeed, or relax on the sofa if you need to take a break from the ceremony.
  • It is assumed that children are attended to by an adult throughout the Doctoral Awards Ceremony. We cannot be responsible for looking after children.
  • Yes. However, we discourage flash photography, and you are not allowed to move around in the Aula during the ceremony.
  • NTNU's own photographers will take great photos from the ceremony and of each group that receives their diplomas.
  • A picture will be taken of all participants in the procession after the ceremony, and all pictures will be available online, free of charge. See elsewhere on this web page for link.
  • Your diploma will be sent to you after the Doctoral Awards Ceremony, from the faculty you belonged to when you defended your thesis.
  • Make sure that your faculty has your current address, to so that your diploma reaches your letterbox.
  • You can unregister until the deadline expires. Go online and delete your own registration.
  • After the deadline has expired, you have to email your contact at the faculty to have you deleted from the attendant list.
  • Important: In case of illness or withdrawal the day before or on the day of the ceremony, please notify us by sending an SMS to 0047 915 66 365 / 0047 918 97 186
  • Supervisors are regular guests, and are invited by the faculties via a dedicated registration link.
  • There are no reserved seats; they have to find a place in the seating area for all guests.
  • Public parking, administered by Trondheim Parkering, is available in the area.
  • NTNU has no special parking available for Doctoral Awards Ceremony guests.
  • We recommend taking a taxi. Buses 5, 22 and 63 might also be suitable as alternative transportation from the city centre. The buses stop right next to NTNU's Main Administration Building, which is where the Aula is located.


– There's no other Norwegian university that offers such a classy celebration as they do here in Trondheim: wonderful music, a stately procession with gowns and hats, speeches and celebrations!

Guri Hjeltnes
Doctoral Award Ceremony speaker



Doctor and any questions about the Doctoral Awards Ceremony? Please contact your faculty or city by email:

ADSunita Prugsamatz

HFHanne Siri Sund | HF email

IEAnne DanielsenLena Haugen

IVElin Kristidatter SteenRuna Nilssen

MHGro Neergard | Sigrid Wold | Marianne Herman 

NVElin S.I. KaasenAnne Sæther

SUSiw Katrin Berg | Eli Rones Reitan

ØKSiri Garnes Kristiansen | Ingjerd Fugleberg Kildal

GjøvikIngrid von Schantz Bakka

Gunnar Kåre Hansen
Communication Division
mobile: +47 915 66 365

Doctoral Awards Ceremonies 2018 and 2019

Doctoral Awards Ceremonies 2020

For Doctors who have completed their degrees between 1 July and 31 December 2019

Time: Friday 20 March 2020 at 12:00 pm
PlaceThe Aula in the Main Building at Gløshaugen, NTNU

Previous Doctoral Awards Ceremonies

Doctor ring

Doctor ring

Order a ring by contacting Gullsmed Karlgård at:

Phone: +47 73 52 33 13
Adress: Nordre gt. 12, 7011 Trondheim

PhD ring

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About the Doctoral Awards Ceremony

About the Doctoral Awards Ceremony

NTNU often names and honours one or more Honorary Doctors at the Doctoral Awards Ceremony.

NTNU’s Honoray Award (in Norwegian) is awarded at the Doctoral Awards Ceremony.

NTNU's Doctoral Awards Ceremony is held twice a year in the University's magnificent and traditional-rich Aula (the aula of the NTNU Business School in the current period). The Doctoral Awards Ceremony is for everyone who has received his or her doctorate (PhD) after completing their doctoral education at the university.

NTNU Doctoral Awards Ceremony musicians.