From application to publication

From application to publication

All applications and other inquiries must be sent to 

1. HUNT application process

Send us the application form + attachments (protocol, ethical approval, variable list etc.). The Data Access Committee will evaluate the application and get back to the applicant with their decision. Possible replies from the committee:

  • Approved (see below: "2. From data approval to data delivery")
  • Follow-up questions (about data power, research designs, ample use etc.)
  • Missing documents (start a new application process with the previous missing documents)
  • Rejection

This process usually takes one month (after the complete documentation is received).

2. From approval to data delivery

  1. Approval
  2. Agreement/MTA sent
  3. Agreement/MTA signed and returned
  4. Data and sample delivery
  5. Research

3. Changes during the research process

If you need to make any changes to your project during the process, like additional variables, changes in research method, new publication plans or extensions, please contact us for an updated and valid application. 

4. Publication of HUNT findings

The manuscript must be approved by the HUNT Publication Comittee before being submitted for external publication.

If the manuscript is rejected by the HUNT Publication Comittee, check to see if the manuscript meets the requirements of the agreement and that the acknowledgements and use of HUNT in title/methods section is correct .

5. Completion of project

When the research project is completed, delete all data files and notify us. 


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