Food Science


Texture analysis of salmon filet


The Food Science division aims at contributing to an enhanced and safe utilization of existing and new raw materials for a sustainable food production.


Research Areas

Research in this division is categorized based on the activities conducted in individual labs. For details please follow the links:

Food Quality, Processing and Safety

Research Themes

  • Marine lipids
  • Proteins and peptides
  • Biopolymers
  • Metabolites and pigments
  • Quality of raw materials and products
  • Quality changes through processing, especially on seafood
  • Shelf life considerations
  • Food safety
  • Biofilms
  • Development of hygienic processing equipment
  • Rest raw materials
  • New raw materials (seaweed)
  • Sustainable production

The main focus is on increasing the knowledge of food raw materials, (mainly focused on muscle foods), understanding processes taking place in food raw materials and how these influence the quality and stability of the food products.

Dikiy Lab

Principle Investigator: Alexander Dikiy
Research Themes: Analysis and determination of the metabolic profiles of agricultural and industry relevant processes such as: food storage, food processing, animal health, bio-prospecting, plant biomass processing, byproduct reuse, waste water purification.

The main focus of the lab is to determine how to best preserve the original quality of a product and how to find novel useful for the industry bio-active compounds in various biological sources. Our lab is involved in several EU projects and within them we develop new protocols and analyse milk (raw, processed and milk industry waste), food industry waste (fish, beer, meat, sugar) and agricultural weeds.




Turid Rustad - Professor

Turid Rustad

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Jørgen Lerfall

Jørgen Lerfall

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