Motion Capture and Visualization Laboratory


Motion Capture and Visualization Laboratory

Our research focuses on Motion Capturing (for example gait-analysis, excergaming, biomechanical analysis, miniature inertial sensors, analyse and perfect athletes movements, and fish biomass-estimation).

The laboratory is a meeting place for R&D, learning and innovation.

Research activity

Vislab Equipment overview

Equipment overview

Our lab is equipped with top notch visalisation gear. For example:

  • Qualisys motion capture cameras
  • FLIR machine vision cameras
  • Omnidirectional treadmill
  • VR treadmill
  • Eye tracking
  • EEG technology

Detailed equipment list

Vizlab publications


We aim to disseminate our research results to the scientific community through the scientific publications of our research area, and to involve students in our ongoing research activities.

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