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The Department has about 80 employees in scientific positions, 10 employees in technical positions, and 4 administrative staff. The head of “Energikontakten”, which is a network of companies and organizations associated with the study programme Energy and Environmental Engineering at NTNU, is also employed by us. Most of our employees have workplace at Campus Gløshaugen, but we also have 2 employees at Campus Gjøvik.

Our scientific staff have competences in a wide range of subdisciplines of electric power engineering, giving us unique opportunities for multidisciplinary research. We have five research groups that are responsible for research and education within their areas; the groups also collaborate among each other in research projects. We offer study programmes at Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels. 

The Department works in close collaboration with industry partners to develop technology for the production of electric energy from renewable energy sources, and to contribute to research that leads to solutions for the future power grid, with high relevance for the society, addressing industrial needs and global challenges.

The Department is one of the seven departments at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.


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Core management team


The core management team, together with leaders of the research groups and leader of the technical staff form the management team; an extended management team is constituted by the inclusion of elected representatives.

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Instituttleder Ole-Morten Midtgård
Professor Ole-Morten Midtgård
Head of Department

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