About Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering

The Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering has as its aim to be an international knowledge and innovation hub in the field of maritime operations. This involves education and research in the ship design and marine equipment as well as in the operations of vessels. Maritime operations can be regarded as the interplay between technology, human factors and business. In many cases it is in the interfaces between these areas that the inspiration arises to innovate and discover new solutions.

Western Norway is a world leader in the maritime industry. The development of offshore oil and gas fields has meant that the industry has doubled its turnover in the space of just a few years. In spite of the global financial crisis we see an industry on the offensive with a high demand for labour. Our vision is to conduct industrial research and development and educate candidates whose qualifications are customised for that industry.

Imagine an operation where a subsea-module is to be positioned at a depth of exactly 3000 metres or the installation of wind turbines at an offshore wind farm. These are examples of operations that require advanced technology and a team of skilled professionals.