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Media, Data, Museums

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The Media, Data, Museums research group is based in the Department of Art and Media Studies, NTNU. Group members pursue collaborative as well as individual research projects that explore the nexus of media, data, and museums from historical as well as contemporary perspectives.

Media, Data, Museums supports research that engages with historical media, cultural data, and/or museum collections and practices. The group offers a capacious and inclusive umbrella for a wide range of research topics and approaches, and a supportive arena in which to practise research in its many stages, with a particular emphasis on enculturing PhD students.

Topics of current research among members include the collection and preservation of popular music as cultural heritage; the feminist legacy in art museums; potentials for imagining other art histories through museum archives; the impact of digitization on the sources of art history, and the hidden bias of metadata in digitized art collections.

Arrangement: Utryddelsen sett innenfra - Espen Ytreberg om den industrielle hvalfangstens historie (7/5)

Group coordinator: 

Nina Lager Vestberg

Faculty members:

Ulla Angkjær-Jørgensen

Thomas Brandt

Mattias Bäckström

Steffi de Jong

Guro Jørgensen

Christina Ådland Næss

PhD candidates:

Synnøve Engevik

Natalie Devin Hoage

Solveig Lønmo

Esther Momand

Pernille Zidore Nygaard

Affiliated members: 

Dimitra Christidou (National Museum)

Anna Näslund Dahlgren (Stockholm University)

Anne Ogundipe (Kulturdirektoratet)