Completed Projects (DNA)

Completed projects

WaNP (2015–2021)

The main goal of Waves and Nonlinear Phenomena (WaNP) is to analyze the interplay of singularities and nonlocal effects in the solutions of partial differential equations that model wave phenomena. The project was funded by FRIPRO Toppforsk.


Challenges in Preservation of Structure (CHiPS) is a EU Horizon 2020 project that will address challenges in preservation of structure for the numerical solution of evolutionary problems. The scientific innovations of the project will be incorporated into usable software tools in cooperation with our non-academic partner MathWorks.

SPIRIT (2013-2020)

The main purpose of Structure Preserving Integrators, Discrete Integrable Systems and Algebraic Combinatorics (SPIRIT) was to develop and analyse specially tailored numerical methods for approximating the solution to differential equations. The work was focused on numerical methods which retain selected qualitative properties of the exact solution.

Nonlinear Water Waves (2014-2017)

NWW aims at studying certain classes of non-local equations which describe water waves in a canal or out at sea, with a particular focus on waves that allow for stagnation, like interior vortices, wave-breaking, or peaks and cusps at the surface.


Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology (NOWITECH) is sponsored by Centre for Environmental-friendly Energy Research, co-funded by NFR and industrial partners, and runs from 2009 until 2017.

CRiSP (2011–2015)
EU project
GeNuIn Applications (2009–2014)
See also NFR project page.
Nonlinear Problems in Mathematical Analysis (NoPiMA) (2008–2014)
NFR project page
SpadeAce (2007–2012)
eVITA project
High order methods for incompressible fluid flow: Application to moving boundary problem (MOVE) (2008–2011)
Funded by NFR
Uncertainty in Reservoir Evaluation (URE) (2004–2010)
Joint oil companies and NFR project
Integro-PDEs: Numerical methods, Analysis, and Applications to Finance (2007–2010)
eVITA project
PDE and Harmonic Analysis (2004–2007)
Funded by NFR
GALA (2006–2009)
STREP EU project
WaveMaker (2006–2009)
Funded by NFR
Analysis and numerics for Nonlinear Waves (NonWave) (2004–2006)
BeMatA project
Reduced Basis Methods (2002–2006)
BeMaTA project
Hyperbolic and kinetic equations: asymptotics, numerics, applications (2002–2005)
EU project
Computational internal waves (2000–2005)
BeMaTa project