Machinery Laboratory

Machinery Laboratory


Picture: Illustration of the Machinery Laboratory.

The laboratory — which is jointly operated by SINTEF Ocean and the Department of Marine Technology — is currently amongst the best equipped independent engine laboratories in Scandinavia. Well developed basic installations, highly specialized experimental equipment, instrumentation and data-acquisition systems, and an experienced staff is a crucial asset in providing professional support to our clients. The lab includes:

  • Facilities for rig and full scale engine tests
  • Fully equipped with auxiliary marine machinery equipment
  • Fuel treatment and testing facilities including handling of LNG

Laboratory related activities

Fuel and fuel related testing

  • Testing of fuels on behalf of oil companies and ship owners
  • Testing effect of fuel additives
  • Testing of alternative fuels (e.g. biofuels, hydrogen rich)
  • Verification of efficiency of fuel pretreatment system components and system solutions

Engine development and prototype testing (MS & HS)

  • Research and development of diesel engine
  • Research and development of duel fuel/gas engines
  • Prototype testing (long term testing)

Verification services, basis in measurement competence

  • Field measurement of exhaust emissions on ships
  • Field mapping of NOx emissions, gas turbines
  • Verification of efficiency of NOx reduction measures

Various concept development and testing

  • Ballast water exchange system
  • Long term measurement offshore riser
  • Fuel measurement instrumentation
  • Development of emergency power supply, base stations
  • Testing of alternative engine concepts
  • Test of wear in fuel-injection system (pumps and nozzles) for various qualities of fuel
  • Tests of a new type of shaft generator