Open landscapes

Open landscapes

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Open landscapes is a forum for applied linguists and sociolinguists across all sections at the Department of Language and Literature. As the name suggests, some of our members do work on linguistic landscapes but key interests also include multimodality, language contact, language ecologies, indexicalities, translation and prosody. We meet once a month to exchange ideas on ongoing research, all interested are welcome!

Our main working languages are English, Norwegian and Norwegian Sign Language and we make an active attempt at practicing translanguaging during our meetings. 



29 September: Guest lecture by Cassandra Gerber (Cologne) on “The souvenir T-shirt in/as semiotic landscape: when material objects speak”. 

16 February: Planning meeting. 

26 November: Guest speaker from the University of Bonn, Dr. Stefanie Rottschäfer. The status of English as a lingua franca vs. Scandinavian languages in multilingual families in Scandinavia and beyond

18 October: Rein Ove Sikveland: Ta tempen på samtalen med prosodiske målinger. 

15 September: Brittany Arnold: Turn-taking in Norwegian Sign Language: A Corpus Study / Tatjana Schnellinger: Kiss-Teeth and Cut-Eye in impolite discourse contexts: A comparison of Ghanaian and Afro-Surinamese co-speech gestures and pragmatic markers in multilingual interactions.

30 April: Workshop on New Methods for Pragmatics of New Englishes, organized by Susanne Mohr (Trondheim) & Sandra Jansen (Paderborn). 

27 April: Guest speaker from the University of Seychelles, Dr. Olga Klymenko. Verbs Descriptivity and Gender in Seychellois Creole. 

23 March: Presentation by Lindsay Ferrara, Anna-Lena Nilsson & Benjamin Anible on A cross-linguistic comparison of reference across different signed languages. 

23 February: Book presentation by Brit Mæhlum & Stian Hårstad: Blikk for språk. Studiet av språk som sosialt signalsystem. 

22 January: Joint meeting of Open landscapes and the research group Navigating Languages in Professional Practices: Presentation by Susanne Mohr (NTNU) and Katrin Renkwitz (University of Bonn): A multimodal analysis of politeness in Irish Sign Language and Irish English: Focus on interpreters.

NRK P2s long-standing language programme Språkteigen has recently been substituted by Språksnakk: a whole hour with language teachers and language lovers on the radio every Sunday (and as a podcast). This new format features an expert panel and several researchers from our group have participated, among them Ellen Andenæs, Brit Mæhlum, Annjo K. Greenall and Stian Hårstad. All episodes are available here.


Book publishing: Blikk for språk 

Blikk for språk. Grafikk.

Two of our members, Brit Mæhlum and Stian Hårstad (together with Rikke van Ommeren) have published a book on the expression of social and cultural positions by language choices: Blikk for språk: Sosiokulturelle perspektiver på norsk språkvirkelighet