Background and activities


I am Professor of English Sociolinguistics at the Department of Language and Literature, which I joined in August 2020. I hold a German postdoctoral degree ('Habilitation') in English and general linguistics from the University of Bonn and a PhD in general linguistics from the University of Cologne. In 2018/19 I was a Feodor Lynen fellow at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), sponsored by the Humboldt foundation, conducting research on language learning and use in tourist spaces in Zanzibar. I was also awarded a research fellowship for investigating formal and informal language learning in this context by the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies in 2020. With a return fellowship from the Humboldt foundation, I started analyzing the digital tourist space of Zanzibar, a project which I continue working on today.



Coming up: Invited talk on "Some considerations on sociolinguistics, tourism and sustainability" at the Interdisciplinary understandings of sustainability in and for linguistics workshop, Roskilde, 23-24 May. 

Keynote lecture on "Critical perspectives on applied linguistics and tourism research" at the 11th Bonn Applied English Linguistics conference, Bonn, 24-25 June.

Talk on "Performing cultural imaginaries under global capitalism: Insights from tourism in Zanzibar" at the Anglistentag, panel Nomadworld: Global mobility and the new Anglophones, Mainz, 2-5 September.


Research interests

My research is sociolinguistic and applied in nature, informed by (linguistic) anthropology and constructivism. My linguistic foci are varieties of English and contact languages in Africa, as well as sign languages, most notably Irish Sign Language and alternate sign languages. My central research interests are multilingualism, language contact, multimodality, politeness and linguistic epistemology, as well as research methodologies


Current research projects

At NTNU, I am part of the research groups "Semiotics of Communication in Interactive Languaging" (SOCIAL), "Navigating Languages in Professional Practices" (NaPP), and "Narrative across Media" (until 2021). I also started a forum for applied and sociolinguistics called "Open Landscapes" in 2020.

Besides this engagement at my home university, I am a member of several international networks, e.g. New Englishes, New Methods until 2021. Currently, I am participating in networks and groups on:

I am actively involved in various interdisciplinary research projects with colleagues from Africa and Europe. This includes research on:

  • language learning and linguistic repertoires in offline and online tourist spaces, based on ethnographic (social media) data [with C. Ackermann-Boström, Umeå Universitet & O. Klymenko, University of Seychelles]
  • politeness, specifically its prosody, in Irish Sign Language and Irish English [with K. Renkwitz & F. Sell, University of Bonn]
  • varieties of English in the ELT classroom in Germany and the Nordic countries [with S. Jansen, Leipzig University & J. Forsberg, University of Stockholm]
  • mass and countability from a cross-linguistic perspective, esp. in Ghanaian languages [with D. P. Agyepong, University of Ghana]
  • hunting sign systems in Southern Africa, e.g. in Tjwao [with A.-M. Fehn, Universidade de Porto, A. Andrason & A. Phiri, Stellenbosch University]


Research stays and fieldwork

2020, 2021 - Research stays (fellowships) at the Cluster of Excellence "Africa Multiple", Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African studies

2019 - Research stay and data collection at the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin

2017, 2018, 2019 - Fieldwork on English in tourism in Zanzibar (Tanzania)

2016 - Research stays and data collection at the Open University of Tanzania, University of Cape Town & University of Ghana

2013 - Voluntary work at the Kenya National Association of the Deaf

2012 - Fieldwork on hunting signs among the Ts'ixa and ||Ani-Khwe in Botswana

2010 - Research stay at the University of Toronto

2009 - Research stay and data collection at the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin



Teaching experience and foci

I have taught internationally in higher education, especially in Germany and South Africa. Topics included sociolinguistics (e.g. language attitudes, varieties of English), general linguistics (e.g. introduction to linguistics, phonology), applied linguistics (e.g. translation studies, methods in applied linguistics) and sign language linguistics (e.g. introduction to sign language linguistics, iconicity). At NTNU, I teach courses on (English) sociolinguistics on BA and MA level, and in the Take Credit programme for in-service teachers, such as Varieties of English (ENG1001), Global Englishes (ENG6026), Sociolinguistic Theory (SPRÅK3100) and independent study courses on sociolinguistic topics (SPRÅL3800). Further, I am a member of the study programme council (studieprogramråd) for English.



I supervise MA and PhD candidates in these areas, and relating to my research interests mentioned above.

Ongoing PhD projects are:

Tatjana SchnellingerKiss-Teeth and Cut-Eye in impolite discourse contexts: A comparison of Ghanaian and Afro-Surinamese co-speech gestures and pragmatic markers in multilingual interactions. PhD in Language and Linguistics, NTNU.

Lionel Sango. The speech act (events) of apology in urban Cameroon [working title]. External supervisor, PhD in Applied English Linguistics, University of Bonn. 




Mohr, Susanne (2014). Mouth Actions in Sign Languages. An Empirical Study of Irish Sign Language. [Sign Languages and Deaf Communities 3]. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter Mouton/Ishara.



Mohr, Susanne (2022). Nominal Pluralization and Countability in African Varieties of English. [Routledge Studies in World Englishes]. Oxon & New York: Routledge.





Editorial work

Mohr, Susanne & Helene Steigertahl (2020). African sociolinguistics between urbanity and rurality. Special issue of Sociolinguistic Studies.



Mohr, Susanne & Lindsay Ferrara (under contract). Learning Languages, Being Social. [De Gruyter Anthropological Linguistics Series.]

Mohr, Susanne, Jemima A. Anderson & Klaus P. Schneider (forthcoming) Communicative Action and Interaction in Africa. Special issue of the Journal of Pragmatics


Journal articles (peer-review)

Ackermann-Boström, Constanze & Susanne Mohr (in preparation) 'For explorers by explorers'. A discursive analysis of a Norwegian cruise tourism website.

Mohr, Susanne, Katrin Renkwitz & Friederike Sell (in preparation) The multimodal realization of politeness among Irish Sign Language and Irish English interpreters.

Mohr, Susanne (in prepartion) A multimodal analysis of corporate storytelling related to South African Sign Language online. The Mouth. Critical Studies on Language, Culture and Society.

Mohr, Susanne & Dorothy P. Agyepong (under revision) The cultural adaptation of quantity judgment tasks in Ghanaian English and Akan. Contemporary Journal of African Studies.

Mohr, Susanne (2022) Investigating English in multilingual contexts online: Identity construction in geotagged Instagram data. Frontiers in Communication 6: 778050. doi: 10.3389/fcomm.2021.778050.

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Journal articles (editorial review)

Mohr, Susanne, Sandra Jansen & Julia Forsberg (2021) European English in the EFL classroom? Teacher attitudes towards target varieties of English in Sweden and Germany. English Today 37(2): 85-91.

Mohr, Susanne & Dunlop Ochieng (2017) Language usage in everyday life and in education: current attitudes towards English in Tanzania. English Today 33(4): 12-18.

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Mohr, Susanne & Anne-Maria Fehn (2013) Phonology of hunting signs in two Kalahari Khoe-speaking groups (Ts’ixa and ||Ani). LSA Annual Meeting Extended Abstracts 2013. e.Language (


Book chapters

Mohr, Susanne & David Barasa (under review) English-medium instruction in higher education in East Africa. In Werner Botha & Kingsley Bolton (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education. Routledge.

Mohr, Susanne, Irina Turner & Sibonile Ellece (in press) Southern Africa. In Martin J. Ball & Rajend Mesthrie (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Sociolinguistics around the World (2nd edition)Routledge.

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Final theses

Mohr, Susanne (2018). The Use of Pluralization and the Conceptualization of Countability in African Varieties of English. Postdoctoral dissertation, University of Bonn.

Mohr, Susanne (2011). Mouth Actions in Irish Sign Language – Their System and Functions. PhD dissertation, University of Cologne.

Mohr, Susanne (2007). Sign Languages as Natural Languages: The Linguistic Design Features. MA thesis, RWTH Aachen University.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Mohr, Susanne; Ackermann-Boström, Constanze. (2022) "For explorers by explorers": A sociolinguistic study of the cruise tourism industry in Norway. Sosiolingvistisk nettverk konferanse ; Tromsø. 2022-04-21 - 2022-04-22.
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