The semiotic landscape of Trondheim around the ski world championships 2025

The semiotic landscape of Trondheim around the ski world championships 2025

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Semiotic landscapes are defined as the symbolic and discursive construction of public space, especially referring to visible inscriptions on signs of different kinds on the one hand, and the auditory environment in a certain place on the other. These two aspects of semiotic landscapes can be referred to as visual landscape and soundscape, respectively. Where semiotic landscapes are concerned, sociolinguists have researched the construction of selves and communities, especially in multilingual places where the use of different languages can be linked to prestige and power. However, to date, especially the auditory component of semiotic landscapes remains relatively under-researched, with only a few studies focusing on, for example, the audible linguistic diversity of urban centres (e.g., El Ayadi 2022 on Amsterdam). Studies reconciling the visual and auditory components of semiotic landscapes are even scarcer (Scarvaglieri et al. 2013 on Hamburg are a notable exception).

Our project aims at documenting the semiotic landscape of Trondheim, including both its visual landscape and its soundscape. A special focus is on that landscape before, during and after the ski world championships in 2025. By taking a long-term perspective, we seek to document any changes in the semiotic landscape of the city throughout the year in general, and with regard to a huge international sports event in particular. To this end, we collect pictures of advertisements of the ski world championships around the city and conduct soundwalks with Norwegian and international inhabitants of the city.

Main research questions

  1. What does the semiotic landscape of Trondheim consist of, both regarding visual and auditory aspects?
  2. How do Trondheimers perceive that landscape?

Does this sound interesting? Do you want to get involved? We’re always looking for participants to go on a soundwalk through the city. Scan the QR code below to express your interest and we will get in touch with you with more information.

Research groups involved in this project are SOCIAL and SPRØK