Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

About the department

The Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering has Bachelor’s and Master’s education along with research projects that will contribute to solving the key global societal challenges; development of sustainable solutions in industry and society. These projects include research on modern industrial processes using new and recycled materials, new technologies such as industry 4.0, flexible manufacturing and application of new organizational structures and business models.

The department has a broad cooperation with regional and national industrial clusters and business, among others the Raufoss cluster (NCE Raufoss) and Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing (SRM).

Cooperation with SRM and about 15 companies at Raufoss organized by the new Centre for Research-based Innovation "SFI Manufacturing" is an essential and priority activity in the department.


The department is organized in four units: civil engineering, geomatics, mechanical engineering and sustainable energy.


A key priority for the department is to develop studies that contribute to a sustainable environment. This includes solutions for more efficient use of digital information, e.g. BuildingSMART, Geographic Information Systems and various analysis-, optimisation- and decision models which contribute to more sustainable buildings, infrastructure and  environments.


Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering has research activities that covers the wide spectrum of manufacturing technologies. For more information please visit the department's Research pages.


Head of department: Torbjørn Skogsrød

Deputy Head - Education : 
Fred Johansen

Deputy Head - Research:
Kristian Martinsen

Academic Group Leader - Civil Engineering/Geomatics:
Iver Jensen

Academic Group Leader - Mechanical Engineering/Renewable Energy:
Astrid Stadheim