Railway bridges

Railway bridges

Railway bridges karusell

  • The Lerelva Railway Bridge. Photograph by NTNU/Gunnstein Thomas Frøseth.



  • Mounting of monitoring equipment on the Lerelva Railway bridge. Photograph by NTNU.



  • Mounting of monitoring equipment below the bridge deck of the Lerelva Railway Bridge. Photograph by NTNU.



Railway bridges tekst

The main objective of field measurements on railway bridges is to quantify model error and also improve numerical models by validation and model updating. To achieve this, a measurement system has been designed with the following specifications:

  • 20 triaxial accelerometers
  • 40 channels for strain measurements
  • RTD temperature measurements
  • GPS clock for synchronization with other measurement systems
  • Network capability for remote control and storage of data

The system is being installed on Stjørdalselva railway bridge in the second quarter of 2016. To make things a bit more interesting, the bridge lies just a few hundred meters from Hell railwaystation, the construction is a pony truss riveted steel bridge from 1902 with five spans at 35m.


There is currently one PhD candidate working with this railway bridge measuring system: