Photo: MB/NTNU (from left: B. Sisk, M. Butler, M. Bucciarelli, B. Kägler, C. Jeanneret, E. Schreiner, T. Korneeva, D. Colonna)

News and events

News and events

International Conference The Teatro Sant'Angelo at the time of Antonio Vivaldi (Venice, 16-18 November 2023) Programme

Women, Opera and the Public Stage in Eighteenth-Century Venice International conference (Trondheim, 11-13 April 2024) Call for papers. Call closed

Ahead of Their Time? Women and Italian Opera in the Eighteenth Century. ISECS Roma 2023. Bella Brover-Lubovsky, Margaret Butler, Teresa Chirico, Christine Jeanneret. Convenor: Tatiana Korneeva

Staging History for Today's Audiences: Women in Early Opera. Deda Cristina Colonna in conversation with Karina Valnumsen Hansen and Melania Bucciarelli. 7 February 2023, NTNU

2022 Jan Kiepura Prize to Deda Cristina Colonna for her production of Rameau's Castor et Pollux at Warszawska Opera Kameralna (2021)

2022 Vladimir Féderov Award to Margaret Butler for her article 'Opening a Celebrity’s Closet: Cecilia Davies and the de Bellis Collection', in Fontes Artis Musicae 68/4 (2021)

Venice, 23-24 May 2022 - WoVen Colloquium 'Concepts, Sources and Methodologies'

Conference report by B. Kägler and EM. Schreiner, Eighteenth Century Music, 20/1 (2023), 116-119

Tagungsbericht EM. Schreiner, H-Soz-Kult (26.09.2022)

Kvinner, opera og den offentlege scena i Venezia på 1700-talet by M. Bucciarelli (pdf in Norwegian, tr. HK. Hosar). Musikk & Historie (2021)

Women on Stage in Eighteenth-Century Venice: A New Research Collaborative by M. Bucciarelli and M. Butler (pdf in English). Society for Eighteenth-Century Music. Newsletter vol. 38 (2021)

WoVen - presentasjon

Giulia Bolcato i Lesbina e Milo, Intermezzo by Giuseppe Vignola. Photo
Photo: Binci

The interdisciplinary project ‘Women, Opera and the Public Stage in Eighteenth-Century Venice’ (WoVen) brings together a research team dedicated to reimagining the links between women and European operatic culture in the eighteenth century.

WoVen explores the role of operatic women in the construction, representation, and reception of models for women in the eighteenth century. The project contextualizes the activities of female performers, composers, authors, theatre managers, patrons, and audience members within wider contemporary critical discourses about women’s education and place in society.

The project is organised in four main areas of inquiry: 1. Women's Roles and Images of Femininity on the Venetian Stage; 2. Performing Celebrity on the Venetian Stage; 3. Audiences, Patrons and Women's Participation in the Opera Business; 4. Performing Eighteenth-Century Operatic Women: A Practice-Based Approach.

While the project’s focus is on operatic women in eighteenth-century Venice, WoVen aims to go beyond microhistory and the national history of women in Italy to examine female role in the transnational literary and gender history of early modern Europe. By reconstructing careers, activities, and acting practices of female singers and their impact on opera production, and by shedding new light on how Italian opera was practiced and how it accompanied the life of women of the past, WoVen will enhance our understanding of Italian opera’s impact on the construction of gender roles and models over the long eighteenth century. 

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Research Team

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The project is funded by The Research Council of Norway for the period of 2021-2026.