Welcome to SINTEF and NTNU's Environmental Assisted Cracking (SNEAC) workshop in Trondheim, Norway 8-10 June, 2016



We are happy to invite you, your colleagues and PhD candidates working with hydrogen embrittlement and SCC related topics to a workshop in Trondheim, Norway, Wednesday 8th-Friday 10th June 2016.

The main purpose of the workshop is to facilitate present and future collaboration between our groups and at the same time show some of our best work to the industry.

We plan to organize the workshop in two parts:

1) 8.-9. June:  An 'internal' part where the invited researchers and PhDs meet, present and discuss their work and get to know each other both scientifically and socially.

2) June 10th:  An open part where we invite industry. 

 Overall schedule for SNEAC:


Some possibilities for accommodation:

Trondheim Hostel:
Nice, low cost alternative, close to the university (single, double and 4 bed rooms + apartments with 3 bedrooms.

Scandic Lerkendal: http://www.scandichotels.com/Hotels/Norway/Trondheim/Lerkendal/#.VjNrTctVhBc 
New hotel (city's highest), 5-minutes' walk from the university

Scandic Bakklandet:
Cosy by the river, also walking distance to the university, ~20 minutes through the old part of the town


Write an email to vigdis.olden@sintef.no including the names of the participants from your group. Please indicate the topics of the participating researchers and PhDs.