Welcome to the NTNU Nanomechanical Lab (NML)

NTNU Nanomechanical Lab was established by Prof. Zhiliang Zhang in 2006 to meet the increasing demands for nanoscale mechanical evaluation. In the recent years, NML has accumulated the specialized but interdisciplinary knowledges on nanomechanics and multiscale modelling, with latest results published in world-class journals such as Nature Communications, Nano Letters, SMALL, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids (JMPS), Polymer and Acta Materialia. The research group owns various testing facilities; in particular, Hysitron TriboIndenter is one of the best nanomechanical testing platforms in the world.

on the 29th of August 2006 NTNU Nanomechanical Lab was opened by Rector Torbjørn Digernes. 

Prof. Zhiliang Zhang received a gift from a industrial partner for the opening of NTNU Nanomechanical Lab

Media coverage of the opening of the NTNU Nanomechanical Lab


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