The examination Levels 1-4 consists of a written and an oral part. Separate grades are given for the written and the oral exam. In the combined grade the written exam counts 2/3 while the oral exam counts 1/3.

Both the written and the oral exam need to be passed in order to pass the exam. The written exam covers dictation, grammar and free writing. Dictionaries are not allowed.

The Short Course examination consists of a written exam only.

Exam dates spring 2020

Exam dates spring 2020

Short courses: 20 April 

Short courses Ålesund: 18 May 

Level 1: 18 May 

Level 1 Ålesund: 15 May 

Level 2: 19 May 

Level 3: 14 May 

Level 4: 13 May 

Practice exam papers with key answers

Practice exam papers with key answers

Level 1
Exam papers Practice 1  Practice 2 


Level 2
Exam paper Practice


Level 3
Exam paper Practice 1 Practice 2 Practice 3 Practice 4 with Key
Key answer Key Key Key  


Level 4
Exam paper Practice 1 Practice 2 
Key answer Key answer Key answer


Short courses
Exam paper Practice 1  Practice 2 


14 Jan 2020

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Contact information

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