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Last date for the full-length paper submission.

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Notification of the final formatting, editing and proofread corrections, if any, with deadline of 48 hours.

Third Francis-99 workshop.

Workshop program


Date/Day Time Event Note
28 MAY (Day-1) 0900-1000 Registration Gamle elektro-EL6, Bragstads Plass, NTNU
Day-1 1000-1020 Workshop opening and welcome Prof. Torbjørn Nielsen and Chirag Trivedi
Day-1 1020-1030 NTNU Energy and ambitions Prof. Johan Hustad (Director of NTNU Energy)
Day-1 1030-1040 HydroCen presentation Hege Brende (Executive Director HydroCen)
Day-1 1040-1120 Keynote presentations on FSI Prof. Eduard Egusquiza (UPC Spain)
Day-1 1120-1200 Keynote presentations (Runner cracking – ten years later) Bjarne Børresen (Multiconsult-Norway)
Day-1 1200-1300 Lunch  
Day-1 1300-1320 Two-way coupled simulation of the Francis-99 hydrofoil using model order reduction F99-W3-C1-FSI-001
Day-1 1320-1340 FSI analysis of Francis-99 hydrofoil employing SBES model to adequately predict vortex shedding F99-W3-C1-FSI-002
Day-1 1340-1400 Damping Measurements on a Multi-Blade Cascade with Multiple Degrees of Freedom F99-W3-C1-FSI-003
Day-1 1400-1420 A test of the v2-f k-e turbulence model for the prediction of vortex shedding in the Francis-99 hydrofoil test case F99-W3-C1-CFD-001
Day-1 1420-1430 Coffee break  
Day-1 1430-1450 Francis-99: Coupled simulation of the resonance effects in runner channels F99-W3-C2-FSI-001
Day-1 1450-1510 Fluid structure interaction of Francis-99 turbine and experimental validation F99-W3-C2-FSI-002
Day-1 1510-1530 Francis 99: Evaluation of the strain energy density value for welded joints typical of turbine runner blades F99-W3-C2-FSI-003
Day-1 1530-1550 Influence of the guide vanes design on stress parameters of Francis 99 turbine F99-W3-C2-FSI-005
Day-1 1550-1600 Discussion and group prhotograph  
Day-1 1800-2200 Dinner Venue will be announced in the workshop
29 MAY (Day-2) 0900-1000 Keynote presentations Prof. Claire Deschênes and Prof. Sébastien Houde (Université Laval, Quebec, Canada
Day-2 1000-1015 Coffee break  
Day-2 1015-1035 Numerical investigation of pressure pulsations related to rotor-stator interaction in the Francis-99 turbine F99-W3-C2-CFD-001
Day-2 1035-1055 Application of the Harmonic Balance method for regime change prediction using Francis-99 test case F99-W3-C2-CFD-002
Day-2 1055-1115 Vortical structures in cavitating flow on the Francis-99 draft tube cone at off-design conditions with the new omega vortex identification method F99-W3-C2-CFD-003
Day-2 1115-1130 HydroFlex + HiFrancis Prof. Ole G. Dahlhaug
Day-2 1130-1230 Lunch  
Day-2 1230-1330 Discussions and closing remark Future research in hydropower...
Day-2 1330-1345 Coffee break  
Day-2 1345-1500 Laboratory visits Smart grid and Waterpower Laboratory

Author/participant registration

Registration Fees

Presenting author(s) Free
Student (M. Sc. and Ph. D.) Free
NTNU Employee Free
Participant 2500/- NOK
Accompanying person (dinner) 1000/- NOK

Registration is compulsory for all, participating in the workshop, and click here to complete the registration and to make online payment. Last date for the registration is 22 May 2019 at 00:00. If you need invitation letter for visa application, please contact Debbie Koreman van den Bergh ( , tel. +47-73593561).

Paper submission guideline

Accepted papers after the peer-review will be published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS).

Guide for the abstract submission: Abstract should be 150–300 words and it should reflect the actual work, which authors are going to present as results in the paper. Paper size A4 (2 cm margin all sides), double line spacing, 12 point font size, Times New Roman font, and the abstract should be left aligned.

The paper title must include phrase/keyword "Francis-99." This help to index the database, citation and searching papers associated with the Francis-99 test cases. The paper title should less than 100 characters with spaces.

The third Francis-99 workshop includes two different test cases, i.e., Hydrofoil and Turbine. If the authors want to work on both test cases, they may submit two separate papers. Authors are also permitted to combine both test cases into one paper. However, methodology, results and conclusion should be clearly distinguishable in the paper.

Guide for the full-length paper submission:

Abstract should be 100–200 words. IOP Conference Series uses author-supplied PDFs for all online and print publication. Authors are requested to prepare their papers using Microsoft Word or LaTeX, according to the guidelines and templates, and then convert these files to PDF. It is important to ensure that when you submit your paper, it is in its final form ready for publication, and has been thoroughly proofread. IOP do not copy edit or reformat papers and will not send out author proofs prior to publication. Post-publication changes are not permitted, so please ensure that your paper has been checked for errors. By submitting a paper an author and all co-authors are assumed to agree with the terms of the IOP Proceedings Licence.

As a summary, please ensure the following:

  1. Paper size is European A4.
  2. Margins are 4cm (top), 2.5cm (left and right) and 2.7cm (bottom).
  3. The paper includes the author name and affiliation (full address including country).
  4. There are no page numbers, or headers and footers, within the paper.
  5. The PDF is free of formatting errors (e.g. corrupt equations, missing or low-resolution figures), since conversion from Word to PDF can introduce formatting errors.
  6. Text is single spaced, not double spaced.
  7. The PDF file is editable and not password protected.
  8. All pages are portrait (landscape pages should be rotated).
  9. Reference lists are checked for accuracy. References can only be linked via Crossref if they are correct and complete.
  10. Figures are placed within the text, not collected at the end of the document.
  11. A thorough proofread is conducted to check the standard of English and ensure wording is clear and concise.

Submit Abstract and Manuscript by Email: Chirag Trivedi.


A large number of hotels are available around the NTNU.

  1. Scandic Lerkendal
  2. Trondheim Vandrerhjem
  3. Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel Trondheim
  4. Comfort Hotel Trondheim
  5. P-Hotels Brattora
  6. Scandic Bakklandet
  7. Thon Hotel Trondheim
  8. Thon Hotel Prinsen
  9. Quality Hotel Augustin
  10. City Living Scholler Hotell & Apartments
  11. Pensjonat Jarlen
  12. Student apartments, etc...

There are frequent flights from Oslo (such as SAS, Norwegian and WideroeTrondheim, which take around one hour. You can also travel by train, NSB, which takes around 8 hours. Airport express (Flytoget) in Oslo, which is running between Oslo airport and Oslo Central and takes around 20 minutes.

Workshop venue


The workshop will be organized at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, 7491-Norway.

Exact location for the presentations and registration is Gamle elektro - EL6, Elektro A, O. S. Bragstads Plass, NTNU, Trondheim, 7491-Norway.

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