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From research to impact:

Innovation in the ocean space

Research outcome from NTNU Oceans will support innovations for a sustainable oceans development.

The objectives for innovation activities in NTNU Oceans are:

  • Development of competence and culture for innovation
  • Identify business opportunities for new and existing industry based on results from our research
  • Share our contribution to the development of the ocean industries

Ocean School of Innovation

Sustainable Oceans need creative ideas, new research,
innovations and people that see possibilities.

  • Is your research related to the oceans?
  • Can your research help you do something noone has done before?
  • Will you like to see your ideas develop into a future innovation?


Take a chance!
Be part of Ocean School of Innovation that supports your innovative thinking, personal and research-idea development. Contact us:

News at Ocean School of Innovation

News at Ocean School of Innovation

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Innovation toolbox COOODE release

NTNU Oceans is happy to support young researchers in their innovation work. We have just released Ocean's Innovation Toolbox for Academic Entrepreneurs (COOODE). The toolbox describes the most essential skills and knowledge related to commercailization of reseach-based innovation. Start using the toolbox:

Innovation ideas webinar

At NTNU we normally develop large amount of new science and technological ideas. Especially in the last weeks many of us get a massive flow of new ideas based on own research. NTNU Ocean School of Innovation and TTO invites for a compact and practical webinar about what to do with innovative ideas. The webinar is designed for (but absolutely not limited to) PhDs and postdocs working on Ocean-related subjects. The webinar will take place on 13 May at 13:00 - 13:30 via Zoom (see details below)

Upcoming events in school of innovation

See list of the events in th coming weeks

How can I be a part of big digitalization projects?

Ocean School of Innovation NTNU in cooperation with Webstep invites to meetup for academics, technology experts, startup staff and other interested under Trondheim Playgroud on 4 september at FRAM NTNU (Gamle Fysikk, Gløshaugen)

Online course on Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights for NTNU Oceans

House of Knowledge in cooperation with Ocean School of Innovation are happy to offer a free on-demand-bite-size course on intellectual property (IP) for 20 participants. 30 modules of 1-5 minutes, do a few each day to build awareness step by step

OSI presentation workshop

“Be concise, efficient and engage with the audience”, this was the advice given to the participants when Ocean School of Innovation hosted a presentation workshop to advise young and promising researchers how to pitch ideas and present their research in an easy and exciting way.

New start for Ocean School of Innovation

On February 26th,  Ocean School of Innovation hosted a meetup for young researchers on the topic “Essential Innovation”. This is the first meetup arranged by OSI for some time, and we were very happy to see so many promising new researchers turn up.


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