Career Day for those who have or are taking a PhD

I have a PhD – what now?

Explore your opportunities on NTNU’s PhD Career Day 2022

  • Thursday 5 and Friday 6 May
  • Digital event and a real life lab tour

The career day will provide examples of career paths and possible jobs for PhD graduates. It is also an opportunity to get in touch with potential employers and ask questions about career choices.

On the career day, we consider three possible career paths:

  • business and industry
  • public sector
  • academia

Invited speakers will show:

  • how an employee with a PhD can contribute to develop the company and the community
  • possible work tasks
  • examples of personal career journeys

The career day is for:

  • those who have or are about to take a PhD and are curious about opportunities for further careers
  • master’s students who are wondering if they should take a PhD and what opportunities they get with a PhD
  • employers who are curious about what a PhD student can contribute to their own workplace



Thursday 5 May





Private sector


ZEB Laboratory


Real life tour - not in Zoom!

Programme 6 May

Friday 6 May

Sessions: Link to Zoom



Public sector


Links to Zoom

Livestream link to Zoom

Day 2 – Friday 6 May

Photo of students

Students. Photo.
Photo: Elin Iversen/NTNU

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