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Juana Camacho Otero, photo.

Bringing circularity research into practice: transforming water and sewage sector strategy from linear to circular (YouTube)

by Juana Camacho Otero

who works at Bogota Water and Sanitation, and has a PhD in circular economy, Department of Design, Faculty of Architecture and design, NTNU. Otero has more than 12 years of experience in sustainability, specifically in climate change, biodiversity conservation, and more recently in the circular economy and the water sector.

Trond Michael Andersen. Photo.

A career across sectors – with focus on Statens vegvesen (YouTube)

by Trond Michael Andersen

Deputy Director Manager at the Road Technology Section at Vegdirektoratet. Andersen has a from NTNU. He has experience from SINTEF, Statoil (Equinor), Sør-Trøndelag University College (Høgskolen i Trøndelag) and the Hospitals in Mid-Norway.

Ingrid Lunnan Nødseth, photo.

From NTNU to the Museum (YouTube)

by Ingrid Lunnan Nødseth,

Head of Collections at Trondheim kunstmuseum. Nødseth has a PhD in art history (2021) and has a broad interest in issues of gender and materiality within the field of visual arts. She has worked extensively with museums and museum objects during her PhD and in her teaching, and these experiences were crucial for her new position at the art museum in Trondheim.  

Dionna Ghalambor. Photo.

Moderator: Dionna GhalamborEvent coordinator at Department of Biology, NTNU.