About the Department of Physics

About the Department of Physics

Physics is the foundation for natural sciences, and also has practical implications for our everyday lives. In fact, modern life is dominated by technological developments based on discoveries in physics, from ultra-fast computers to renewable energy technologies.

Our research spans a broad spectrum of natural sciences and technology, which in turn allows us to offer an education that provides a solid basis for future careers. Physics research is carried out in experimental as well as theoretical fields, often across conventional boundaries between disciplines. Our central research areas are materials science, nanoscience, surface physics, modern optics, astrophysics, solar energy, biophysics, and medical technology. Research staff at the institute make a special effort to increase the awareness and understanding of the importance and impact of physics in our society.

Department of Physics currently employs about 160 people, Employees Department of Physics. On average about 2000 NTNU students a year follow Physics courses.

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Contact information

Employees Department of Physics

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