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Professor Catharina de Lange Davies is explaining an illustration in a small group in a classroom. Photo

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  • Understanding how the world works from the smallest elementary particles to the largest galaxies?
  • Developing models for predicting climate change?
  • Building instruments for imaging everything from single atoms to blood flow in the heart?
  • Designing new materials at the nano-level to meet the demands of a green economy and promote sustainable development?
  • Using supercomputers to simulate properties of new materials?
  • Educating and motivating the next generation of engineers?

In physics we try to understand and describe the basic mechanisms behind how the world works. The field of study also includes the living parts of the world in the areas of biophysics and medical technology.

Understanding the basic mechanisms gives you the necessary skills to design new measuring instruments, develop new materials with unique properties and build models that can predict climate change.

The studies combine theory, practical projects, and numerical methods to equip you with the tools needed to follow many different career paths in research, education, and sustainable industries.


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