Nanophotonics and Polarimetry

Nanophotonics and Polarimetry

Research activity

Nanophotonics and Polarimetry info

The group is involved in design, manufacture and metrology of novel optical functional materials ranging from nanostructures applied to Photovoltaic absorbers/ AR coatings, to metasurface based novel light weight lenses, polarimetric components, holographic elements, vector beams etc., primarily based on nanostructured surfaces and interfaces.

Characterization of such nanostructured materials and devices is currently approached in the group by using a combination of in-house developed light scattering spectroscopic polarimeters, and polarimeters combining spectroscopy imaging. In-house manufacture of photonic structures realized using the NTNU nanolab facilities. The group has a special competence within the design of and application of spectroscopic (Mueller matrix) Ellipsometers, and an established competence in modelling of the optical response of complex systems using standard thin film methods to computational electromagnetics modelling.

The philosophy uses a mix of commercial instruments, but with a strong philosophy to design, build and develop in-house optical instrumentation/modelling methods, with applications developed in close collaboration with collaborating research groups;

Collaboration with other international institutes in optical characterization (exploring polarimetry/PV/nanophotonics/Thin film);


Research areas/projects

  • Design, manufacture and characterization of photonic devices based on plasmonic and dielectric metasurfaces/optical nanostructures
  • Multifunctional wide band Spectroscopic Mueller Matrix Microscope 
  • Realization of Spectroscopic Mueller Matrix light scattering diffract-scatter-ometer
  • Optical properties of PV structures and nanostructured materials