Microscopy data analysis with Python & HyperSpy


Microscopy data analysis with Python & HyperSpy

– Trondheim, Tuesday June 7, 2016


HyperSpy workshop Trondheim SCANDEM2016

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HyperSpy workshop Trondheim

HyperSpy workshop in Trondheim

This hands-on workshop delt with multi-dimensional data analysis using HyperSpy

HyperSpy is a Python library developed by active microscopists allowing basic and advanced data analysis. The Python programming language is rapidly establishing itself as the lingua franca in most areas of scientific computing, including microscopy.

The workshop will address the basics of multi-dimensional data analysis using HyperSpy. Most examples will be taken from the field of electron microscopy and will include EDX, EELS, image and diffraction analysis using conventional and machine learning methods. The same methodology should be directly applicable to other domains. No previous knowledge of the Python programming language is required.


Programme for Hyperspy workshop [pdf]

11 Sep 2017

The HyperSpy workshop

The HyperSpy workshop



  • Francisco de la Peña, University of Cambridge
  • Tomas Ostasevicius, University of Cambridge
  • Magnus Nord, NTNU/University of Glasgow

Contact: Ton van Helvoort