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Application process

Application process

We want everyone who applies for a position at NTNU to feel that they are receiving the information they need in this process. Here you will find information about what to expect in the application process. 

Technical and administrative positions 

Technical and administrative positions are intended to provide the best possible support for NTNU’s social mission as a teaching and research institution. NTNU needs skills in a wide range of work areas. 

Examples of technical work areas: laboratory staff, IT engineers, building management staff, caretakers, cleaners and others. 

Examples of administrative work areas: finance, communication, academic administration and HR. 

The application process for technical and administrative positions 

  1. Apply for the position 
  2. First interview 
  3. Possibly a second interview
  4. Appointment 

If you are invited to an interview, you may want to complete an assignment or test in connection with this. 

Temporary academic posts 

These are positions such as PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and researchers, with a limited period of employment. 

PhD candidate positions are advertised as internal trainee posts at NTNU or externally funded projects, and the period of employment is 3-4 years, depending on whether the position includes teaching and supervision duties. A PhD position is a doctoral programme with independent research duties, which will lead to a doctoral degree.  

A postdoctoral fellowship is a position for a person with a doctorate who wants to qualify for work in top-level academic posts. The appointment is for a fixed term of 2-4 years to conduct an approved research project. 

If you have a degree from a foreign university, this requires additional documentation for the application. Requirements for documentation of foreign education.

The application process for temporary academic positions 

  1. Apply for the position 
  2. Assessment by a professional committee
  3. Interview 
  4. Approval in advance for admission to a PhD programme  
  5. Appointment 

Academic posts 

These are senior academic positions, such as “universitetslektor” (assistant professor at a university), “førsteamanuensis” (associate professor), “førstelektor” (associate professor with teaching focus), professor and “dosent” (professor with teaching focus).  

The application process for academic positions often involves several assessments, by both an external expert committee and an internal recruitment group.  

The application process for academic positions 

  1. Apply for the position 
  2. Academic assessment 
  3. Trial teaching session and interview 
  4. Recommendation 
  5. Appointment 

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