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Photo: Zoe Strimbeck Bazilchuk/NTNU

Employee benefits at NTNU

Employee benefits at NTNU 

NTNU is a public-sector institution that provides secure working conditions. State employees earn pension rights in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, which also offers attractive mortgage rates and conditions.  

NTNU’s employees have access to a variety of other benefits as well, such as courses and other training opportunities, pension and insurance schemes, and the potential for flexible working hours. 

Inclusive working life 

NTNU is an Inclusive Working Life (IA) organization, which means that employees receive close follow-up if they fall ill, to make it easier for them to return to working life.  

What is Inclusive Working Life? (Only in Norwegian).  

Exercise during working hours 

All employees at NTNU can spend 1 hour per week exercising during working hours.   

All employees and PhD candidates can join the NTNU Corporate Sports Team (BIL) (pdf). BIL has 14 active groups and about 750 members. 

Attractive loan terms and pension 

NTNU is a member of the Government Pension Fund (SPK), which also offers attractive mortgage terms for its members.  

See what SPK offers its members 


Employees who are members of the Norwegian National Insurance scheme are insured according to terms and conditions defined in Statens personalhåndbok (The State Personnel Handbook). 

Labour unions 

NTNU has a tradition of positive cooperation with the labour unions and many of them have local offices at the university. The unions safeguard the interests of employees and their right to co-determination in the workplace. 

Labour unions at NTNU  


NTNU’s employees are offered selected concerts and events. These are announced on Innsida, NTNU’s intranet.