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Official opening of the university schools at NTNU



Improving the quality and relevance of higher education

PROTEUS will, by development work on university schools, bring knowledge, models and practice examples of how university schools can contribute to a better initial teacher education that meets the call from EU ministers for an initial teacher education that "provides all student teachers with the core of professional competences upon which they can build throughout their careers."


Increasing the efficiency of public expenditure and the investment in education, training and youth

As PROTEUS will contribute to the development of initial teacher education and give student teachers a core of professional competence for systematic lifelong competence building, schools in the future will be more self-developing and more fitted to societal developments and needs.


Strengthening the profile of the teaching professions

With the development of university schools, PROTEUS will give future teachers a core of professional competence and knowledge building, which will transform teachers from  'semi-professionals'  to full professionals. This means that they will be able to continuously  develop their educational practices using research and research evidence.


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