SCaLa – Speech, Cognition and Language Research Group

Department of Psychology

SCaLa – Speech, Cognition and Language Research Group


A Word Cloud showing Research Topics of the Rearch Group SCaLa
Illustration: Word Cloud - The Research Group SCaLa 

Research area

SCaLa's research area are speech and language across sensory modalities and across the lifespan, from a social to a neurocognitive perspective.

Our key research questions are:

  • How do languages reflect and shape social cognition?
  • How does speech and language develop in infants?
  • How are neurocognitive mechanisms of audiovisual speech perception influenced by environment and experience? 

About the research group

The SCaLa research group comprises researchers with backgrounds in cognitive, developmental, and social psychology who aim to investigate the interplay of speech, language and cognition. SCaLa is focused on the study of speech and language production, perception, processing, representation and development. The group has grown out of two overlapping entities:

  • The Marie Curie Initial Training Network on Language, Cognition and Gender
  • NTNU Speech Laboratory